September 2012

Color Palette: Fall Into New Colors

by krystyl alexander on September 27, 2012

  That time of year has hit once again!  It’s Autumn here in Fullerton!  The leaves crackle underneath our feet and the chilly breeze begins to wrap around us.  The weather does a 180 degree turn as we acclamate from sunshine and bathing suits to cool breezes and jackets.  Time to cuddle up with a […]


Books On Our Shelves: The Treehouse Book

by krystyl alexander on September 25, 2012

We think treehouses are great! Smiles of remembrance turn into grins of enthusiasm as more people discover them and dream about making their own private nooks or family play spaces. And it’s nice to remind ourselves that treehouses are built into the oldest and most historical things on earth. This book visits many that were built […]


5 Obsessions: Bathrooms

by krystyl alexander on September 18, 2012

Whether you call it the powder room, out-house, toilet, or restroom; everyone uses it.  Why not make it look beautiful!?  Here’s some of our favorite looking bathrooms. Images: 1. Elle Decor, 2. Better Homes and Gardens, 3. Decor Pad, 4. Houzz, 5. Houzz


Benedict August Projects: Master Bath Getaway!

by krystyl alexander on September 13, 2012

We transformed this typical tract home bathroom into a luxurious spa retreat!

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Benedict August Projects: On Display!

by krystyl alexander on September 6, 2012

It’s all in how it’s displayed!  Our client came to us needing help organizing her bookshelves and here’s what we came up with…  


Books on Our Shelves: Dior

by krystyl alexander on September 4, 2012

This book documents the legacy of the House of Dior in over 300 pages of stunning large scale photographs. It serves to inspire us and informs the details of our work. Image: Amazon