Benedict August


Point of View

“We are not all born to a compatible reality”

Bobby McAlpine

Raised in a remote mining town in the California desert, my childhood was spent in a vast, dry landscape of tumbleweeds, cactus, and sagebrush.  Free time was spent chasing darting jack rabbits and searching under fallen joshua trees for treasures like the sun bleached skull of some unfortunate critter.

In a town with very little beauty and even less opportunity, dreaming was not encouraged.  Yet, the only escape from my reality was do just that.  So I dreamed.  Bringing dreams into my physical reality, creating, became a way of life.  Building my own wooden toys in my dad’s shop and laboring over complex erector set creations led to studying art history, architecture, sculpture, and engineering in college, culminating in a BFA in product design.

My focus now is on designing the ultimate product: interiors and lifestyle.  I know first hand the power of your environment in your life and I know that a well designed space can lift you up.  Now I realize how valuable my childhood in the desert was because it taught me that sometimes you have to look a little harder to find beauty and sometimes you have to create it yourself.  To me a beautiful home is like fine portraiture: it reflects you at your best and in turn inspires you to become your best.

Dan Benedict, Orange County Contractor, Orange County Interior Designer