Benedict August


Point of View

I believe the greatest luxury of all is the ability to consider the possibilities life has to offer and choose your passion.

As a second generation designer some of my earliest memories include running around town with my mom from job sites to showrooms, from vendors to workrooms.  Before long I was both a sounding board and assistant.  At sixteen years old I launched my first business painting decorative artwork.  By college I was cramming my classes into two days a week so I could tend to my business the other five.

Although my path to becoming a designer seemed obvious, I had chosen to study Business and Accounting with the intention to pursue a career in law.  It wasn’t until I had graduated and began applying to law schools that my epiphany struck: putting design on the back burner would not work for me.

With this singular moment of clarity I chose a future that embraced creativity.  I chose passion.  I believe the home can be an extended moment of clarity, one that facilitates a visual dialogue.  Character, poise, refinement, the dynamic cadence of opposites:  smooth and textured, shiny and matte, old and new;  all of these details inform a space and communicate the things a client holds most dear… in a word, their Passion.

Erin Benedict, Orange County Interior Designer